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Did you know starting your own business with Stampin' Up! is seriously easy!! 
Your kit will only cost you $169 
and for this you get

Products of your choosing to the Value of $235 ( thats a bargain on its own!!) 

A FREE business kit valued at $80 ( another bargain) 

and thats it!!! You now own your own business!! 

Why join MY team? 

Well, I have been involved in the direct selling industry for 20 years! I know it like the back of my hand..
I have owned my own Direct Selling company so I know just how this 
business REALLY works. 

I am a fully qualified trainer, so no need to worry about getting the right training. Stampin' Up! is an amazing company to work for.. 

they are extremely generous to those who work for them 
and also to the customers we service. The products are so well put together you don't need to have a clue about papercraft, the catalogue is set out so that EVERYTHING matches and this in turn makes 
selling the products a breeze..
No more flipping through hoping that your products will match, 
with Stampin Up the hard work has been done for you.. 
he catalogue is out selling tool and the company realizes this so it 
works so well for us. 

As a Manager with Stampin' Up! and a member of the Global Events Council my business is run with a strong integrity and 

sound knowledge of the way this amazing company works. 

I have been able to enjoy 4 overseas holidays with the Company and I have been able to afford to take my family to Fiji for a whole month 

EVERY year since I joined...
Seriously hiring myself was the best decision I ever made for 
me and my family! 
Being able to supplement the family income in the hours and days that suit me and my family dynamics has been invaluable! 
I'm able to truly say that I love my job, because I do! 
I work with the most amazing products 
that makes my job so easy.